I am Hanna Kampourogianni, the passionate creator behind Teddy Bear Art. With over a decade of experience in the world of teddy bear artistry, I’m thrilled to share my journey with you.

My Story

My love for art and creativity traces back to my early years. I vividly remember crafting my very first plush toy, an orange Yeti, at the tender age of 12. However, life took me on a different path through school and university, where I studied economics, though my heart longed for art.

The teddy bear chapter of my life began about a decade ago. I stumbled upon a charming textile doll called Tilda in a store window and immediately fell in love. Unable to afford it at the time, I turned to the internet, which proved to be a treasure trove of Tilda patterns. That’s when I embarked on a journey of hand sewing, eventually acquiring a sewing machine, and bringing my own Tilda dolls to life.

Initially, I gifted these creations to friends and family, until fate intervened. The owner of a souvenir shop noticed my work and placed a significant order, kickstarting my career. I owe a debt of gratitude to her for giving me that pivotal opportunity.

Rabbit Madhatter from “Alice in Wonderland” is one of my earliest creations.

For years, I created textile dolls and characters, blurring the lines between hobby and profession, and subsequently losing my inspiration. However, serendipity led me to a new calling.

One fateful day, while browsing the internet, I encountered a teddy bear. The feeling it stirred within me was profound. I knew I had to create my own teddies, not for profit, but for the sheer joy of it.

With unwavering determination, I began crafting my teddy bears, with the support of those who believed in my talent and placed their initial orders. Time passed, and my teddy bear family grew to over 250, along with a diverse collection of critters and characters, each created with a mix of techniques.

My teddy bears have now found homes all over the world, and I strive to maintain the delicate balance between my soul’s creative impulse and the commercial aspect. Losing my hobby would mean losing a part of myself.

Mr. Jerboa was made fairly recently.

Why I Want To Help People

I understand the challenges of navigating the vast sea of information and sometimes conflicting advice when pursuing a passion like teddy bear art. That’s why I’m here to guide you step by step through the process of teddy bear crafting, sharing the secrets and product recommendations that I’ve accumulated over the years.

The Goal Of My Site is …

My ultimate goal is to support you in achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Whether you aim to craft a teddy bear for personal satisfaction, discover a new hobby, or enhance your skills to boost your sales, I’m here to assist you every step of the way.

Squelf was not made in the teddy bear technique. It has an armature inside and is therefore very mobile. In my articles, I will definitely share my knowledge about this technique.

If you ever need assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m more than happy to offer my help.

All the best,

Hanna Kampourogianni


Email: info@teddybearart.com