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Hanna Kampourogianni

What is the history of teddy bears? This question is of interest to many of us, which are fond of teddy bears. The story of jointed bears is very interesting. Today I am going to share with you two versions of the origin of teddy bears. They are an American version and a German one.

Version 1 – An American

According to this version, the teddy bear was named after US President Theodore Roosevelt. And here’s how it happened. In 1902, while hunting, Theodore Roosevelt was offered to shoot a captured bear.

This infuriated the President and he refused to kill the unfortunate animal. This story received publicity, hitting the local newspapers. The article was accompanied by an illustration of a small frightened teddy bear.

Newspaper cartoon. 1902 y.

Once this caricature was seen by businessman Morris Michtom from Brooklyn. He suggested to his wife to sew a similar stuffed bear and place it in the shop window of their candy store. The bear was named Teddy. The toy attracted a lot of attention from buyers. The store was a huge success.

After some time the name Teddy was patented and the production of toys became massive. Later, the bear became the mascot of Theodore Roosevelt, bringing him victory in the elections.

Version 2 – A German

According to this version, the first bear was sewn by Margarete Steiff at the request of her nephew, who saw bears standing on their hind legs in the circus.

He asked his aunt to create a bear that stands on two legs and that the head and legs are movable. Prior to this, Margarete sewed simple primitive animals that sold well. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​creating such a bear seemed to her very costly.

Margarete Steiff

Margarete thought no one would buy it. But she still could not refuse her beloved nephew. So bears began to be sewn from plush and stuffed with wood shavings.

They were called Bear 55 PB, where 55 is the bear’s height of 55 cm.

Once at a fair, an American businessman slaughtered a batch of 3,000 of these bears. This was a breakthrough and the beginning of mass production. The design and colors of the bears were diversified, and the button in the ear became the corporate identity.

The Steiff Schulte factory is still operating today, and their bears are in great demand among collectors from all over the world.

More detailed information can be found on Wikipedia.

The first Steiff bear
Classic Steiff bear


Each of these two versions has a right to exist. And you and I just have to believe in them, go back to the past, and then become part of the beautiful history of teddy bears in the present.

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And what do you think about it? Feel free to leave your opinion below in the comments and I will be more than happy to hear it.

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